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How Should You Respond to COVID-19 as a Small Business?

In an instant, the world has flipped upside down.

So, what are you going to do?

Option #1: Attack

Rally your team. Identify what your competitors are cutting back on. Attack there. Think 6 months out. Play chess. Strategize.

Option #2: Defend

Survive. Cut costs. Trust in the government. Curl up. Play the victim. Layoff your best people.

Which do you choose?

One of these will allow you to take control. Steer this ship. Take the wheel. Choose to go out with a bang.

The other?

You’ll ride in the passenger. Wondering… “Hmmm. What if I did this instead?”

The best choice?

Who knows? But there is one thing for certain… You get to decide.

Regardless, the direction you go. We’re here to help. So its clear what we’re choosing to do.

But naturally, the next question… “What should I do?”… “I mean people can’t even buy anything right now.”